Based on the XRI open standard. XRI infrastructure is governed in the public interest by the global non-profit is a diverse, progressive, and customer-focused global ibroker whose sole mission is to provide its customers with ONE id - a personal, permanent, simple, highly secure, identifier that works across all the networked communications devices, from computers to mobile phones. Years of research and development makes one of the worlds most secure and highly protected web sites, and the company will provide its users with multiple services that promote privacy, safety, security, and complete control of their personal and business information.
@fullXRI@fullXRI, is the commercial counterpart to the popular @freeXRI site, where you can try i-names and i-services for free. Having been involved with several XRI-related projects such as OpenXRI, we are able to provide you with the greatest possible control over this new technology, while at the same time also offering a simple interface for newcomers.